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b86.digital was founded in 2021 by Adrian Wetherell and Vincent Nicollin and is wandering around Switzerland but mostly Lausanne. They thrive to create meaningful images, through the process of composition and good architectural understanding. Researching the abstract reality of unbuilt architecture through a cinematic experience.

Friends before partners,  Adrian and Vincent met in the pit of a concert and then obtained a bachelor in architecture in the HEIA-FR in Fribourg together. Afterwards, Vincent obtainend a Master of Arts HES-SO in Fribourg and Adrian worked as a junior architect for EM2N Architekten in Zürich, before enjoying the sun of Ticino at the Accademia di Architectura di Mendrisio.

Besides nerding on a material shader, Vincent is a mountain enthusiast, hiking around the Swiss alps and enjoying nights in the outside. He also likes brewing his finely crafted beer. When not drinking Vincent’s beer, Adrian is riding various boards on concrete and snow. He also travels around the spherical object, taking photographs of spontaneous sceneries.